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When you engage with Prossor Town Planning, you are accessing more than 20 years’ experience, expertise and a reputation of success for our clientele.

Prossor Town Planning deal with a range of development proposals, including:

Our services include:

Planning Application Management

Prossor Town Planning can manage all aspects of your planning application from the initial design through to guiding the application through Council.  We are experienced in all aspects of preparing and lodging applications as well as liaising directly with Council on your behalf.

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Design planning advice

We can assist with pre-purchase advice to ensure that the property you are considering is the right fit for your needs. Whether you are considering a new business or purchasing a home, Prossor Town Planning can provide the advice you need before making a commitment to purchase.

Planning Appeals - VCAT Representation

With extensive experience in both the Local Government and private consulting, Prossor Town Planning has the ability to manage VCAT appeals and representation for planning related matters.

Planning Advice & Strategy development

Prossor Town Planning can provide professional services on an hourly basis to assist with planning advice and developing a planning strategy to achieve your desired outcome.

Bushfire Management Plans (BMP's)

Properties affected by a Schedule to the Bushfire Management Overlay require a BMP as part of the planning application to Council.   Prossor Town Planning can produce Bushfire Management Plans to show the bushfire protection methods that will be implemented as part of a development to reduce the risk of bushfire to an acceptable level.  

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