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The team at Prossor Town Planning recognise that success only comes in the form of collaboration. As a small business, passionate about what we do, we strongly believe in the philosophy of ‘business supporting business’ and being there for our local community. 

Whilst Prossor Town Planning team has extensive experience across the Mornington Peninsula area, we always welcome a conversation from other regions, cities and destinations about how we may help you achieve your planning approval success.

St Andrews Beach Brewery

The evolution of a new breed. How this former equine training facility optimised its potential in a Green Wedze Zone.

Bass & Flinders Distillery

Evolving from a Green Wedge Location to an Industrial Estate. The evolution of a family business.

Jetty Road Brewery

Three guys, a passion for beer and a business born. How this Mornington Peninsula Brewery came to be.

Volt Farmer

A visionary, passionate about our climate and opportunity for change.


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