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Jetty Road Brewery Liquor License Application Prossor Town Planning

3 guys, a passion for beer and a business born 

Jetty Road Brewery is a diverse team of passionate locals with a shared love of producing craft beer. It operates within a busy Industrial Estate in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula.

When Jackie Prossor commenced the Jetty Road Brewery project, she always recognised that the planning approach would be different.  Operating in an industrial zone verses a Green Wedge Zone like other breweries we had worked with, meant different considerations could be made.

Located in an industrial zone gives you flexibility to have an industry that produces a product that doesn’t require a permit. However, to have a food provision and a liquor licence, a permit is required which is where we assisted the Jetty Road team.

Jackie worked collaboratively with the client to develop the planning strategy before it was presented to council.  This is to ensure the process is as streamlined as possible, and to envisage what information may be required to avoid potential delays for approval.

Developing the Strategy 

Clients will often come to PTP with brave ideas; our role is to work out how we can achieve what they’re aspiring for, within the planning controls.

Sometimes this may have to be a staged approach. Jackie will work with our client to establish what their priorities are in terms of timing, income generation, low capital output etc. PTP will also explore what may be the biggest issue of contention and ensure that it addresses the planning controls, whilst achieving the desired outcome for the client.

As a brewery is a use not specifically defined by the Victorian Planning Provisions, its innominate classification gave us scope to consider both food provision and beer production which requires approval within the Industrial Zone.

Navigating possible issues

For Jetty Road, their priority was to commence beer production as soon as possible. Therefore, it was anticipated that the key issue for Council’s consideration would be patron numbers and the car parking assessment, given the brewery was within an industrial estate.

Therefore, in consultation with a traffic engineer, we established the patron numbers based on the number of car parking spaces provided on site. PTP also considered the operating environment, and actively put forward opening hours that were outside the normal industrial working periods.  This was to ensure the amenity of the brewery’s neighbours were being considered.

Taking into account these concerns, mitigated the extent of planning issues enabling Council to process the application promptly and beer production to commence.


Planning approval for Jetty Road Brewery was granted within 6 months. A solid achievement reflecting the partnership approach toward the application. Jackie has continued to provide ongoing support to support Jetty Road’s business vision, including securing approval via VCAT for further permit amendments.

The Jetty Road Brewery project has been a drawcard for other producers in the area, passionate about production, to follow a similar pathway.  It’s become a great destination for both locals and visitors to the Mornington Peninsula.

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Jetty Road Brewery Planning Approval Prossor Town Planning Jetty Road Brewery Planning Approval Process Jetty Road Brewery Planning Approval

Jetty Road Brewery Planning Process Jetty Road Brewery Liquor License  Approval Process Jetty Road Brewery Industrial Zone Prossor Town Planning

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